Calgary Flames Offseason Preview Part 2

Calgary FlamesPart 2 of my Calgary Flames Offseason Preview will examine the state of affairs down the right wing.

Returning Players (listed from highest to lowest 2009-10 cap hit)

  1. Jarome Iginla (89pts in 82 GP) $7m
  2. David Moss (39pts in 81 GP) $1.3m

David Moss had a breakout season in 2008-09 and after signing a three-year contract extension, he will be expected to increase his production. While Jarome Iginla’s production dipped slightly (from 95pts in 2007-08 to 89pts in 2008-09), he was still at times the dominant force that he has become known as around the league. Iginla will once again be looked upon to carry the teams offense. As per usual the Flames fortunes tend to hinge closely on the play of Iginla. He is vital to the success of the team, and barring injuries, should be good for another 90+pt season in 2009-10.

Farm Hands

  1. David Van Der Gulik

Van Der Gulik had a brief stint with the Flames in 2008-09, putting up 2 assists in 6 games played. While he did not stick out as a player capable of full-time NHL duty, nor did he stand out as one who was completely out of place on the 4th line. Don’t expect to be seeing a full-time Van Der Gulik on the NHL during 2009-10, he will more than likely continue in his role as a depth player on the farm.

Pending Free Agents (listed in order from highest to lowest 2008-09 cap hit)Todd Bertuzzi

  1. Todd Bertuzzi (44pts in 66 GP) $1.95m
  2. Andre Roy (3pts in 44 GP) $.055m

Of these two pending free agents, Todd Bertuzzi will be the one most sorely missed should he not re-sign. Bertuzzi brought a reliable offensive presence and showed that he does still have a bit of touch in those soft hands. While health was yet again an issue for Bertuzzi, he was effective when operating at 100%. If he is willing to re-sign for money similar to his 2008-09 salary, do not be surprised if Darryl Sutter brings him back. However, as reported last week by the Calgary Herald, Bertuzzi’s agent has yet to have conversation with Darryl Sutter in regards to working out a new deal for Big Bert. Andre Roy is an enforcer who is replaceable. Look for him to hit the open market.

On The Market: a collection of 3 players who might fit the budget/fill holes on the Flames roster (listed in order from highest to lowest 2008-09 salary)

  1. Chris Neil OTT $1.2m
  2. Ian Laperierre COL $1.15m
  3. Mark Parrish MIN $0.5m

Both Chris Neil and Ian Laperierre bring the physical grit that Darryl Sutter is known for employing.  Laperierre was praised for his defensive work and effective penalty-killing during his time with the Colorado Avalance. With defense being a priority in Calgary this upcoming season, Laperierre could fill an important role on the Flames roster.

The Flames are definitely shorthanded when you look at their depth down the right wing. With only two bona fide NHL players on the chart, expect to see some action here over the course of the offseason.

Once again, thanks to for salary cap information, for free agency lists, and for player statistics. Part 3 will go cross-ice to check out the look down the Flames left-hand side.


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