Top 10 Tunes to Check Out (6/24/09)

While working away at my computer tonight, I compiled this list of tunes for you to check out! Once again, it has an alternative taste to it, but you will find a majority of my lists will. Little bit of a “vintage throwback” with The Who appearing in today’s list, and a 1990s flashback with Savage Garden getting into the mix as well. In honor of the recent release of their new disc Old Crows/ Young Cardinals, I have also included one of my all-time favorite Alexisonfire tracks. Today, I also want to know which of these tracks is your favorite! So check out as many of these songs as you can, and then fire up your vote as to which of these songs takes the cake on your playlist!

  1. Silverchair- Cemetery
  2. Third Eye Blind- Good Man
  3. Savage Garden- Break Me Shake Me
  4. The Who- The Kids Are Alright
  5. Alkaline Trio- Over & Out
  6. Goldfinger- Vintage Queen
  7. Angels & Airwaves- Sirens
  8. Nine Inch Nails- Vessel
  9. Alexisonfire- Rough Hands
  10. Papa Roach- The Fire

Happy listening!



~ by manovrboard on June 24, 2009.

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