Jay Bo Recap

Calgary FlamesJust to quickly recap what was arguably the biggest event at this past weekends NHL Draft from Montreal, QC. In a move that most definitely affected a number of teams around the league, Calgary Flames GM Darryl Sutter acquired the negotation rights to Florida Panthers all-star defenseman Jay Bouwmeester. Going the other way to the Panthers was the negotiation rights for Jordan Leopold, and a 2009 3rd-round draft pick.

Jordan Leopold was set to become a free agent on July 1, and contract talks with the Flames had been exhausted, meaning that Leopold was going to walk away with the Flames receiving no compensation.As for the 3rd-round draft pick that Calgary sent the other way, it was a pick that they had recently acquired. During the 1st-round of the NHL Draft, Darryl Sutter swapped his 1st-round pick (20th overall) to the New Jersey Devils for their 1st-round pick (23rd overall) and their 3rd-round pick (67th overall). This was the pick that went in the other direction, while the Flames still held on to one other 3rd-round draft pick. When one looks at this trade overall, they can’t help but enjoy the craftiness that Darryl Sutter used to get it done. He gave up very little in order to acquire the negotiation rights to an all-star defenseman who has the full potential to single handedly improve the Calgary Flames defense. Getting a head start on the other 28 teams around the league in the race to court and sign Jay Bouwmeester was definitely worth the gamble and giving up that 3rd-round pick.

Now as for the likelihood of signing Bouwmeester, Eklund is reporting that Bouwmeester is due to sign on the dotted line with the Calgary Flames prior to July 1. According to Eklund, the cap hit for his contract is rumoured to be between $6m and $6.3m and the only thing left to sort out is the length of term- Hockeybuzz

While Eklund has been the first to break many stories in the past, I am not so sure how much confidence I can put in this report. Darryl Sutter was scheduled to meet with Bouwmeester in Edmonton this morning for the first time. I cannot see a deal like this getting done up that quickly, especially with some comments that Bouwmeester’s dad quoted in the Calgary Herald. He told a Herald reporter that Jay should be waiting until after July 1 so that he can test his value on the free agent market. Tough to say what is going on, but I would be very surprised if a deal is announced this early.

Overall, regardless of whether it happens before or after July 1, I do still think that Jay Bo will end up signing in Jay BouwmeesterCalgary. Darryl Sutter would not have traded for Bouwmeester’s rights if he was not willing to pony up the cash to pay the desirable defenseman. Apart from this, I believe that Calgary has one of the best situations to offer Bouwmeester:

  1. Of all the Western Canadian NHL teams, Calgary has the most consistent playoff team over the past few years
  2. Calgary is close to Bouwmeester’s hometown of Edmonton, as well as to his junior hockey stomping grounds in Medicine Hat, AB
  3. The Flames offer the best core of defensemen in all of Western Canada, and arguably in the Western Conference with Robyn Regehr, Dion Phaneuf, and Cory Sarich all under contract
  4. The Flames also offer a roster that is so deep in talent and is built for a long playoff run

While right now all anyone can do is speculate, I would be very surprised if Bouwmeester doesn’t sign somewhere by July 3. I would also be very surprised if it is with any team other than the Calgary Flames. Here’s to hoping.


~ by manovrboard on June 30, 2009.

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