Top 10 Tunes to Check Out (06/30/09)

On June 25, 2009 I listed Papa Roach’s acoustic version of Carry Me. When the original album version came on today, I simply had to list it as well. Go back and listen to the acoustic version, and then turn this one on. Such a great song. As much as I hear people rip into Papa Roach for the music they put out there, I love these guys. It’s all because of songs like this. The NoFX track that I’ve listed is possibly my favorite NoFX track ever. The more I hear from these guys, the more I enjoy their witty and political lyrics. Overall, today’s list includes 4 fairly well-known tracks from Trooper, Rage, Ace Of Base, and The Cars. Gotta love the 80s flashbacks from Trooper and The Cars. Today I want to know which of these 80s tracks is your favorite!

  1. Matthew Good- Fated
  2. Papa Roach- Carry Me
  3. Trooper- The Boys In The Bright White Sports Car
  4. Rage Against The Machine- Bulls On Parade
  5. Ace Of Base- The Sign
  6. Innerpartysystem- Heart Of Fire
  7. Everclear- Summerland
  8. Jim Cuddy- All In Time
  9. NoFX- Leaving Jesusland
  10. The Cars- You Might Think


~ by manovrboard on June 30, 2009.

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