blink-182 Top 10 Tunes

Blink Chrome SmileyIn honor of the reunited blink-182, I’m gonna do a top ten composed completely of blink songs. blink has been my favorite band dating waaaaay back to since I first started taking music seriously. This is really quite funny, because for those who follow blink-182, you all know that they don’t take themselves seriously at all. July 30 marks the performance date for blink-182 in my hometown of Calgary. All week I have had the blink tunes cranked up in my car, on my iPod, etc etc etc. With that being said, I have come up with a list of my top ten favorite blink-182 songs (in no particular order) from over the years. Listed in brackets is the album from which the track originated.

  1. Not Now- Greatest Hits
  2. Obvious- blink-182
  3. Lemmings- Dude Ranch
  4. Going Away To College- Enema Of The State and The Mark, Tom & Travis Show
  5. Man Overboard- Greatest Hits and The Mark, Tom, & Travis Show
  6. Another Girl Another Planet- Greatest Hits
  7. Anthem, Pt. 2- Take Off Your Pants & Jacket
  8. Feeling This- blink-182
  9. I’m Sorry- Dude Ranch
  10. M & M’s- Cheshire Cat and Greatest Hits

For those of you lucky enough to be living in a city where blink-182 is visiting this summer, I highly suggest you do your best to snag some tickets and catch these guys live. It is most definitely one of the biggest tours of the summer, and promises to be highly entertaining. At the very least, crank up some old school blink when you’re cruising the highway.


~ by manovrboard on July 29, 2009.

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