Top Ten Tunes (08/08/09)

Scott Weiland

I apologize for my lack of writing to go alongside my top tens as of late. My life of recent has been full of long hours at work, and preparing for a move away back to school. At the same time, I am doing tons of preparation for a new job in Edmonton that I take over starting on August 9, conveniently enough the same day that I move back up there.  At the very least, I hope you can enjoy the music. After all, these entries are much more about the quality songs than about my ramblings. This top ten has a diverse group of songs, so enjoy!

  1. Rod Stewart- Young Turks
  2. Stone Temple Pilots- Sour Girl
  3. Trapt- Last Tear
  4. Kanye West- The Coldest Winter
  5. Gavin Rossdale- Frontline
  6. Drive By Punch- A Last Goodbye
  7. Imogen Heap- Goodnight & Go
  8. The Refreshments- Carefree
  9. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- Face Down
  10. Rise Against- Worth Dying For


~ by manovrboard on August 8, 2009.

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