Top Ten Tunes (08/24/09)

I call this the fall training edition. Why you ask? Well for the past two weeks, I have been knee deep…ok that’s an understatement; I’ve been over my head in training for a new job that I have recently taken on. I am training to be the vice-president of my residence community at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Needless to say, it’s been long and arduous. Luckily things will be finishing up this Thursday. For now and for that reason, I am making this brief. Hopefully I can get back on the horse and start writing on a regular basis again soon. Quick note: I wanted to include an old Third Eye Blind track in honor of the release of their newest studio album Ursa Major (their first in 6 years)! Until next time, enjoy!
  1. Trapt- When All Is Said & Done
  2. Drive By Punch- Hotels & Restaurants
  3. Daughtry- There & Back Again
  4. Counting Crows- Mr. Jones
  5. Nine Inch Nails- Beside You In Time
  6. Cute Is What We Aim For- Untitled
  7. Oreskaband- YEAH! Ska Dance
  8. Taking Back Sunday- Divine Intervention
  9. Third Eye Blind- Burning Man
  10. Bran Van 3000- Drinking In LA


~ by manovrboard on August 24, 2009.

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