NHL ’97 Throwback

Recently I have experience the death of my XBox360, which fell victim to the dreaded red circle of death. Sadly enough, this life-altering event occurred on the same evening when I purchased NHL10, and had inserted the disc into my XBox360 for the first time. Needless to say I just about broke down in tears.

Understandably, I went for approximately three days not knowing what to do. I was lost in a world of confusion and despair.

And then on a boring Friday night…I had a stroke of genius.

Sitting on the top shelf above my desk was an old friend of mine. This friend went by the name of Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or Super NES for short…or SNES for even shorter. With desperation about to overcome me, I pulled down the old, familiar system; the system that at one time in my life, had brought me hours upon hours of simple, entertaining, ridiculously fun joy. I used to spend endless hours with friends playing Super NES as a child. When I pulled the old system out of the Rubbermaid container that so gently contained it, I felt as though I was ten years old again. A spark of joy shot through my mind.

Within two minutes, my Super NES was set up, plugged in and ready to go. Dare I turn it on to see if it still works? Do I really chance experiencing such brutal disappointment…yet again? Would this risk be worth the potential reward? It was at that point that I realized I had nothing to lose.

I went to pick a game from the Rubbermaid bin. The first game that jumped out at me was Jurassic Park. Strike one. I slowly moved my eyes down the row of cartridges. Paperboy 2. Strike two. And then there it was. Emblazoned with John Vanbiesbrouck on the cover and NHL ’97 in bold jet black letters; I had found my savior.

In went the cartridge. On went the Super NES. Up lit my TV. A smile crossed my face. The familiar terrible mid-90’s computer techno chimes in. Followed by the awful and painfully robotic “E…A…Sports. It’s in the game.” It doesn’t even matter. The game menu flashes upon the screen and I immediately race to the “Season” game mode. Perfect. There is no saved data. This means that I get to start a brand new season from scratch. What is the first thing that I do? Check the Calgary Flames roster. At first, I am elated to see that I still have a character created in the game. Perfect. Scratch step one. Step two: “Trade Players.”

Here’s how my roster looked on opening night:

#3- James Patrick
#5- Tommy Albelin
#9- Brett Hull
#10- Gary Roberts
#11- manovrboard
#13- German Titov
#14- Theo Fleury
#16- Cory Stillman
#17- Jari Kurri
#18- Pavel Torgajev
#19- Glenn Anderson
#20- Luc Robitaille
#21- Steve Chiasson
#22- Ron Stern
#23- Adrian Aucoin
#24- Jeff Beukeboom
#28- Tie Domi
#30- Kelly Hrudey
#31- Rick Tabaracci
#33- Zarley Zalapski
#44- Todd Bertuzzi
#55- Darryl Sydor
#71- Wendel Clark

After a brief stint back in the vintage threads, I was 6-0-0 with this star studded line-up. May I remind you, I acquired all these players through trades which had to be verified by the league itself.

Let me tell you, for the hour and a half that I sat in front of my TV playing a game that is so out of date, and not even close to as crisp and well put together as NHL10, I haven’t enjoyed myself that much in a long time. As awesome as the new systems and games are for realistic game play, quality graphics, life like motions, etc, etc, etc…you will never beat the simple enjoyment that comes with playing a classic system and a classic game. In fact, if you happen to have a classic system, whether it is NES, SNES, or anything else, I highly recommend that you turn off your computer now and go dust it off. Plug it in. Find the most favourite game from your childhood, and fire it up. For a short time, you will be ecstatic. I promise.



~ by manovrboard on September 18, 2009.

One Response to “NHL ’97 Throwback”

  1. hahaha dude i totally did that today…i was playing some 1080 on the n64…such a sick game

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