Top Ten Tunes (09/22/09)

School here at the University of Alberta is now in full swing. That means many hours enslaved to books, assignments, papers, and readings. As I sat here on this Tuesday evening, my reading brought me to think about time crunches and why people in our society lead such busy lives. What ever happened to free leisure time as a reward for productivity? Rewards for productivity have now become purely material based in our society. Instead of enjoying time alone, with friends or family, people now reward themselves with material goods so as not to take away from potential time that they could instead put towards their work. Just some food for thought. Anyways, I helped myself to enjoy my studying by throwing on some tunes. This is what kept me motivated. Enjoy.
  1. Secondhand Serenade- Your Call
  2. Daft Punk- Voyager
  3. AC/DC- Rock ‘N Roll Train
  4. New Found Glory- Don’t Let Her Pull You Down
  5. Red Hot Chili Peppers- Torture Me
  6. Anberlin- Alexithymia
  7. Ten Second Epic- First & Foremost
  8. Third Eye Blind- London
  9. Staind- All I Want
  10. Crystal Castles- Black Panther


~ by manovrboard on September 22, 2009.

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