Top Ten Tunes (09/28/09)

First off…today is a very sad day. Theoren Fleury has retired from the game of hockey as a Calgary Flame. But, more on that later. For now, I come to you with a rad little playlist that I’ve put together over the course of booking my residence tower’s annual ski trip. The ski trip really has nothing to do with this playlist, however I am super pumped for both. I absolutely cannot wait for the epic that will be the 2010 Schäday Ski Trip at Panorama in January. Two hundred rowdy residents from Schäffer and Henday Halls, combined with one-hundred and fifty from Mackenzie Hall should equal for some fun times. I am definitely glad to have the groundwork laid out for this trip. However, enough rambling from me. I am sure you will hear more about this ski trip later. Until then, enjoy the music!
  1. Metric- Sick Muse
  2. Green Day- Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)(Live)
  3. Fiction Plane- Drink
  4. Sum41- Walking Disaster
  5. Boston- Surrender To Me
  6. Matt Costa- Mr. Pitiful
  7. Trapt- Wasteland
  8. David Bowie- All The Young Dudes
  9. Flyleaf- Cassie (Acoustic)
  10. Papa Roach- My Heart Is A Fist


~ by manovrboard on September 28, 2009.

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